Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just want to vent...

Friday was my god daughters 2nd birthday party and I danced the night away.. Now as you women/men know that having Lupus, etc.. Or muiltiply Connection tissue disoreders like I do... My body was hurting to bad and that I had to totally rest the next day. Knees was hurting when I walked, My back was in pain, pain, pain and my feet was red and swollen..I took all my medication just to help me relax and claim down..

Now the part that bothered me the most was that when I went to sit down someone came over to me and asked why I WASN'T DANCING ANYMORE! I told them my back, feet and knees were hurting.. they called me old???? Huh!! I'm I old?? I take very care of myself and I look way way better then most of these girls/women.. I told her I have Lupus and she said that don't mean anything because she has a friend that has lupus and she party every friday and never take her medication. (Not a smart thing to do) I know I'm not going to stop taking my medicaition...

Yes I'm still learning to keep my mouth shut about my muiltiply illnesses because people wont understand that I'm sick on the insideand not the outsid!!!

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  1. I completely understand.. I have 4 kids and they don't really understand cause I look fine on the outside.. They are 8, 11, 13, & 15.. The oldest wants to go shopping all the time and when I have a flare, I just don't have it in me to walk for hours on end.. I'm 33 and my Dr. hasn't completely set my "Lable" yet, my ANA came back positive and I take Plaquenil for my symptoms.. He said I have enough symptoms to not ignore RA, and yet I have a positive ANA for Lupus also.. He's just saying it's a mixture of both but not put a positive lable on me yet.. I've had problems since 2007 from my hormone replacement therapy pills.. I stopped em in 2008 and I got better for almost a year, then I had to find a job cause Hubby got hurt, and it's been a roller coaster ever since.. Anyway, sorry to spill my guts on I just wanted to introduce myself and share my understanding of the invisible diseases..
    Well, I hope things are getting better for you, and I'll talk to ya later, take it easy my friend ;-)