Friday, July 15, 2011

Trying new things

Hey you guys..

Since the summer has started I've been trying a lot of new things.. Well more like being the real me. Since becoming a mother and wife I thought I had to fit the perfect role, you know the Steferd Wives! Lol.. Don't laugh at me, I'm just being honest.. Not trying to follow or fit that roll I've become very unhappy with myself and my life. So I decide I was going to do what makes me happy.. With limits of course..

So first thing I brought was a red dress! I took the dress back because it didn't fit well. My size large was extremely to short! SHORT.. So I changed it for an X-Large and it was to wide.. So I totally gave up on that notion. But I also took the plug and painted my nails RED!! Yes red, I haven't found the red lip stick yet but I will..

So I also went shopping for a few summer outfit and instead of jeans shorts and denmin carpi's I got demin spandex! Black and blue and then to top it off I purchased bright shirts and sandals.. I gotten a few bright color sun dresses. The bright blue, like the ocean water. Multicolor ones and they are low cut for some booby action or strapless. Then I purchased my smell goods. Perfume! Mariah has a nice one, Tommy girl true star is nice. Victoria secret has two body mist I love.. I wear it everyday. It's by Pink and one smell is soft and dreamy and the other is warm and cozy with glitter inside. Yesterday I brought a shimmering moisture mist by Calgon called Angelic Kiss and I paid $6 and it smells so so good.. Can't wait to try it on. I know some people feels that glitter is for young kids but I'm a young kid at heart.. And I'm learning to do what I like and want.

I started doing my nails in the fun colors I always l loved, instead of French tip. There's nothing wrong with French tip but it's not for me! Only for a special occasion. I want to wear my hot pinks and bright blues, exp.. Today I tried the Sally Henson nail polish tape and its cool so far. I have the gold glitter on my hands and toes.. I finally found some navy blue eye liner. Can't wait to wear that.. The other day I had on my lavender strapless dress and out purple eye liner.. So so beautiful.. I also have green, can't wait to wear that one too.. But today I'm going to spray my gold glitter body spray with my gold nails and put on my short shorts I got free from old navy and a black tank top and my black flip flop and trail along with my husband while he walk proud with me on his side... Not because I look good, it's because I feel good and that the person he feel in love with...

Back to the old Nicole which is the new me!!

Later my loves


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