Thursday, September 15, 2011

Are you VAIN or SHALLOW??

Ok I have a huge, huge, huge confession.. I am VAIN and sometimes SHALLOW.. Ok since having found out that I have Lupus and Sjogren's Syndrom, my body has gone threw many changes. I contantly have breakout and up and down weight from the medication and the flares! Whew some days I can't get out the bed because I be extremly tired or body pains including my spine and those migraines are horriable too. So when I gain weight I have to wear spandex, sweat pants or yoga pants lol... but the kicker is when I have a horrible break out I hide in the house! Yes I said it! I hide in the house or if I have to go out I wear a hoodie to cover my face or some of the hugest shades I could find.. I mean it's not like I don't take care of my skin! I tired Proactive, Ambi, scrubs, etc.. and nothing helped.. So the doctor has given me two types of cream to use twice a day so we are going to see how this is going to work..

I also had to go all natural with my hair because with a perm my hair was falling out in chuncks so I let the perm go and get weaves.. Long ones, wavy ones and curly ones.. Next is a short hair style weave..

Now I've been the type of girl and women that I never cared what anyone thought about me. I would wear sweatpants and sneakers and would feel confident but these days my confidence level had dropped.. Now I'm constintly washing my face and trying creams, eating lots of veggies and fruits to stay slim.

This medication I'm taking called Lyrica is making me gain weight and have hands swollen so I cant wear my wedding band and my feet so swollen and my toes looks like little sasuages, LOL... I stopped taking the medicine and all the nerve pains and problems came back. I wasn't able to hold the kool-aid jug without my hand shaking so I decided to start taking the medicine so I can have somewhat of a normal life..

So now my main focuse is to get healthier and maintain my weight.. So if you feel like you are Vain or Shallow please comment and let me know how your handling it..


  1. It will get better with time. I am here with you on your journey. Know that you are not alone in your fight. Remember you have lupus, lupus does not have you! Keep your head up!

  2. Nicole, I really do appreciate your honest approach to your situation and condition......Vanity is such a big part of any woman's life.... we all want to feel look and feel good and a disease like Lupus prevents that. SO, Kudos to all of you who refused to give in to this dan Lupus! Keep your chins up even when times are tough, there are many of us who are here to lend our support in ways that we can.

  3. Nicole, Good job in telling us what it's like and how difficult life can be when you have a chronic illness. Thank you for sharing your fears,and for being honest. I do not think you are shallow or vain. You are human. And coping with the challenges that an illness like Lupus brings.

  4. Hi Nicole, I admire your openess. It's not easy & I feel ya on the hair issue. I just hit reality to give up the perm due to all the breakages. I dig the hairdo on ur Avator. Thanks for sharing.