Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Ok lately I've been back to knitting and every project I started messed up1 I don't know what has been going wrong. I'm really starting to get fustrated! I did a cowl.. Honeycomb Cowl the yarn turned out to be to thick.. So I took the cowl out.. I'm going to do the honeycomb cowl again just thinner yarn.

Started a new cowl called The Bandana Cowl.. Came out wrong too.. took that out last night.. Think I'm going to get smaller needles, instead of a size 10.5" 16" circular needles I'm going down to a 9" 16" circular needles..

So last night I started a scarf for my son and I messed up in the beginning.. OH boy

So I think I need another breather from knitting but I don't want too.. Someone please help me...

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  1. There are times when walking (or crawling) away is the best choice. For me, it is sometimes the yarn, sometimes the gauge, or maybe the color just isn't right.
    Or it is the guilt I feel because there are so many things I should be doing besides twiddling my threads!