Tuesday, November 27, 2012

EOL Plan

Sitting here watching my scheduled recorded shows on my DVR and I decided ask everyone a question! This is a serious question..

To all my friends and followers I wondering if you had an EOL Plan? (End Of Life Plan)

An EOL is planning for the time when you or your family member passes away.

You begin with a conversation about what they want or what you want in the way of the care and what kind of remembrance they want or you want when they or you die. This can and will be hard but it has to be done.

Then write all the most important details. Then secure your document by legalizing it to ensure that the stated wishes can be carried out.

P.S. don't forger to add your children if they are minors and your pets because they are family too.. Also you'll need an POA (Power Of Attorney) we will speak about that later.. Put your EOL Plan in a safe deposit box or in a safe place.

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