Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Can't nothing hold me DOWN!! Fight to the END

I did not call you, you were not invited and yet you dared to invade my body like a thief in the night. You meddled in my goals and changed them all, others lost trust in me believing I was pretending I could not work. You changed my look a thousand times; my body is no longer the same. I have to hide from the Sun when I used to look for it’s warmth to caress my face. I see the sea and I have to change the look because I have to hold the desire to run and jump in it. You took away the privilege to enjoy diving in the water by attacking my lungs.. They say you can kill me, that you can do me worse. I say, not without a fight. I will fight for me and those who love me. Just a little more time and I will chart new goals. When you hurt my body will rest. I will not let you take the best of me. When I’m bedridden I’ll remember how good to be able to walk and I will appreciate that I could. I will learn to be more compassionate. I am not alone in this struggle. Many have the same or heavier fight and still stand in place. I shall do the same. Follow me and let’s lead by example.

Stay strong,

Nicole =)

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