Sunday, May 8, 2011

My beautiful hair is done.. I soooo Love it!!

Okkkkk... I prepared the hair for installation. That was soaking the hair in condition for an hour.. Yes I said an hour... I took a glass baking pan and put water and a lot, I mean a lot, like a little less then half a bottle of conditioner. 30 minutes into the hour I flipped the hair and left for the remained time.. I rinsed the conditioner out with warm water in a down ward motion.. Then added shampoo to wash the hair in a down ward motion. washed well, squeeze the water out and added more conditioner.. Then I tied the hair in a plastic back.. Nice and tight.. Haha then I threw it into the dryer for 20 minutes LOL.. Guess that's my deep conditioner.. After the bag cooled I rinsed the hair out very well.. squeezed dry then I opened the hair onto a towel to air dry over night... Seems like a lot, right?? But it's not because this hair is human hair and if you want the hair to be good for you, you have to be good to the hair!!

Now I have my beautiful hair for beautiful women by: Halley's Curls Supreme Malaysian Remy Hair in and it feels great and is so, so, so soft!! My hair is fully braided and sew up, NO HAIR OUT AT ALL... and she did a new technique called the invisible part!!

Now that my hair is done, I don't have to wear a scarf everyday because of me trying to hide the breakage or my hair falling out. I tell you this girl works wonders!! If you have short hair, no hair, dry hair, breaking hair, etc... Call Jolanda Johnson at 1-718-216-9486 this girl can even make wigs!! Yes WIGS!! She works with Damaged, perm and natural...

Girlfriend can make a dollar out of 15 cents! LOL My name for her is Super Save a Hoe!! Because she saves me all, all, all the time!

Thanks Jolanda =)