Sunday, May 8, 2011

Skin Care... Tired of all the BREAKOUTS!!!

Adora Fiji Custom Bath & Body Products

I just got my first order of Adora Fiji Clear Glycerin Soap, 3 bars!!

Tonight is my first night using the soap.. If you see from my previous blog: My Hair.. My face has totally broke out again. Over the past few years, I've been using many different product on my face. Noxzema, Clean & Clear, Avon, Artistry, Mac, St. Ives Aprocrit Scrub that I love and still use, etc... The list goes on and on!

 Ok so my mother-in-law told me about this product and I decided to give it a try! What else can go wrong? But I'm hoping it goes right.. LOL =) This soap in a natural and as pure, as pure can get.. There is no dyes or added anything.. NOT even a smell...

So what I did when I showed was wash my body with my regular CoCo Butter soap for even skin tones.. We all need smooth even skin tones, just to have one thing less to worry about. Then I took out a disposable face cloth, one side smooth and the other side rough.. it's not that rough to rip or scratch your face, just rough enough to remove the dead skin that we get from sun abuse and let's not forget this horrible winter we just had! (You can find the disposable wash clothes at any drug sore, Target or Walmart) Ok back on topic.. I washed my face twice.. once on the rough side to remove the dead skin, then rinsed and the second time on the soft side to gently clean away the dirt.. then rinse.. Pat dry and proceed to the next step.. My next step is to leave it alone and go to bed because my skin is so sensitive that this natural soap was enough.. And if I have a reaction, I know where it came from..

Later for now and I'll do an update in two weeks to see the changes...

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog..

Nicole =)


  1. I love dat ur n2 everything n so open about ur lupus. I wanna start a domestic violence blog. I want u 2 help me

  2. I want to know how this soap work..because my face is so sensitive to a lot of products n I need something that's gonna work

  3. Hey Anonymous.. Thanks for your comment.. I think a domestic violence would be perfect.. I'll be glad to help.. also check this site and see if there are other sites but focused towards domestic violence so you can have an idea on what way you want to go..

  4. TQ.. my face is sensitive too plus I tried everything on the market. I'm not saying there bad, it's just not for me.. But this soap has Glycerin in it and that's great for the skin.. Do some research and see. Most soaps on the market use little to one that's why it's not working so well, let alone there adding other stuff plus colors, dyes and perfums.. That's what we need to stay away from.. So far my pimples are getting smaller and the makes are getting lighter... Summer is right around the corner. I order 3 bars LOL.. Plus it'san all natural soap.. All her soaps, body butter, body washer and creams are made natural..

    Good Luck

  5. Adora Fiji Clear Glycerin Soap is the best option for keeping the skin healthy in winter season as compared to other skin care products.

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