Friday, May 13, 2011

Perfect Detox Smoothie

After years of messing with mixes, oils, seeds, feeling terrible instead of great, I have finally developed a smoothie recipe that tastes great, gets rid of some toxins, helps you lose weight and is super fast to make.

Perfect Detox Smoothie Mix
I will provide you the ingredients soon but before I do that, it is important that you understand a few things:

Did you know that Spring is the best time to detox?
Did you know that if you detox incorrectly, you make yourself feeling worse?
Did you know that most detox and cleansing programs are absolute garbage and dangerous?
Did you know that most doctors absolutely fail to understand how to detox their patients?
Did you know that feeling bad while detoxing is a sign you are not doing it right?
Did you know that you should feel awesome while detoxing!?
As a naturopathic physician specializing in Environmental medicine and Disease Prevention, detoxification is a passion of mine.

There is no way I can provide all the things you need to know here in order to detoxify properly and safely without a physician; but what I can do is get you started safely.

The key to detoxing safely is to start by limiting your exposures.

For only Two Weeks, I'd like you to do these things - just two weeks! That is only 14 days! If you find you 'cheated' part way through this detox, then simply restart the clock.
Believe me, I had to restart four times on my first detox. Every time I restarted, however, it was easier and easier to complete the 14 days.

Stop eating processed foods. Yes..that means cook and...make the Perfect Detox Smoothie!
Stop using fragrances
Only use natural soaps and cleaners
Eat organic or grow your own food
Buy organic in bulk food sections to save yourself a ton of money
Drink filtered water and herbal teas only. No coffee if you can and no sodas.
Don't read or watch the News as most news is negative and causes inflammation in your body
Stop the fast food
Cease restaurant dining
Avoid sugar
Avoid wheat
Avoid dairy
Avoid nuts
Eat steamed vegetables, soups, broths, stews
Quinoa is a great grain to eat.
Eat grass fed or wild beef, chicken, eggs, lamb, fish
Eat fresh fruits
Deep breathing when you remember
Go for some walks
Sleep 8 hours a night
It is vital that you have at least one bowel movement a day in order to clear out the toxins.

Drink this each morning upon waking up:

In a half a cup of water, add 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar
Squeeze the juice from one lemon wedge
Sip slowly.
Why? It stimulates a bowel movement and it stimulates your digestion getting you ready to absorb all the nutrients from your Perfect Detox Smoothie!

Go check your email, read a book, brush your teeth. In a few moments, you likely will experience the urge to have a bowel movement. Listen to it and do it.

Now you are ready to begin mixing your Perfect Detox Smoothie.

To start your day off easily, packed with nutrition your body needs to begin detoxing, make the Perfect Detox Smoothie!

Into a blender, add 3 cups of filtered water
1 scoop of a Cleaning Plus Powder
1 cup of frozen wild blueberries
1/2 cup of frozen wild or organic raspberries
1 tablespoon of Body Balance Oil
1 tablespoon of Chia Seeds
1 scoop of L Glutamine
Mix well

Why is this the Perfect Detox Smoothie Mix?

It supports both parts of your liver: Phase 1 and Phase 2 (BioCleanse Plus Powder)
It heals your small intestine lining preventing toxins from penetrating through (L Glutamine)
It binds toxins released into your digestive system (Chia Seeds)
It protects your brain and cells from toxins (Body Balance Oil)
It uses pure water (water filter)
It is high in antioxidants and fiber (berries and chia seeds)
It is not too strong (only 1 scoop of BioCleanse Plus Powder)
This will last you until lunch typically or nearly so. If you find you are hungry between this and lunch, have a snack such as salad with Tahini dressing (fantastic taste).
Sprinkle more Chia Seeds on your salad and BodyBalance Oil (it tastes like salad dressing!) for increased protection from mobilized toxins.

Make sure you drink plenty of filtered water throughout the day. This is key to flush out the toxins your body is mobilizing from your fat, liver and tissues.

This does not mean buy bottled water in plastic. It does not mean drink tap water. It means drink filtered water out of a glass container or use a stainless steel water bottle.

For lunch, have some form of protein, vegetable and filtered water. This will have you feeling great.

If you can hack it, make another Perfect Detox Smoothie around 2 PM.

After 7 days of doing this, continue to make the smoothie, the only change you make is adding 2 scoops of Cleanse Plus Powder to your smoothie in the morning and at 2 PM.

If you feel a headache, tired or weird:

Drink more filtered water
Skip drinking the Perfect Detox Smoothie once.
Deep breathing
Eat some Chia Seeds
Drink 1 tablespoon of Body Balance Oil with some food

At the end of two weeks, you will feel awesome. The key is to try and maintain some of the steps (1 through 20) on a daily basis!

Also make the Perfect Detox Smoothie at least once a week as maintenance. Why? Because, we are constantly bombarded by chemicals in our food, water, air, office, home and elsewhere thus it is important that we continue to detox daily in some form or another.

Want to enhance your Detox?

Sauna daily for 1 hour at about 110 degrees F. Make sure you replenish with electroytes
Take 2 capsules of BioCleanse Capsules with your AM smoothie and afternoon smoothie.
At the end of the first week, eat only fresh vegetables and fruits.
Have three Perfect Detox Smoothies a day to provide adequate protein intake.
Take 1/2 teaspoon of ProBiota 12 Powder daily after dinner. These beneficial bacteria bind toxins.
You may experience symptoms that you don't like but they are highly favorable:

You now have increased under arm odor (get into a sauna and that will lessen)
Your skin is breaking out (get into a sauna to detox faster)
Your breath is foul. (use a tongue scraper)
You are more thirsty and in need of water more often. (drink!)
What you need to do now:

Obtain the suggested products above - for the standard Detox Smoothie Mix or the Enhanced Version.
If you don't have it yet, add the HealthE Membership to your cart so save 10% on this order.
Print out the 20 Steps and post them on your bathroom mirror, on your fridge
Prepare meal plan for lunch and dinner
Go shopping for whole foods
Get psyched up!
Tell your partner or roommates about it so they either get on board or don't eat their processed greasy food in front of you.

The ingredients will likely sell out pretty quickly so get your ingredients now. Not to worry as we will order more but if you are gung-ho on wanting to feel great, then buy them now to avoid backorders.

Sounds like a great plan.. We all need to clean our body out of all the toxins with take in on a daily basis..

Great health!

Love Nicole

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