Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Hair

My hair has officially arrived!! Yahhh I'm so excited to try my new: Machine Weft Miami Relaxed Supreme Malaysian Remy Hair by Halley's Curls.. I have one pack of 12" and one pack of 14". This hair can be washed, conditioned, curled, flat ironed, etc.. It's real human hair..

You know having Lupus brings on many challenges and one being hair.. Dry, brittle, breaking and/or even falling out.. So I decided to braid my whole head and weave it so I can have it done while I wash, condition and oil my hair.

Well I'll let you know how it turn out later after I prep the hair for installation! WOW this hair is really soft! It has a factory smell, guess that's why you have to shampoo and condition prior to installation. But to be honest since having Lupus I've been washing everything before using because of my reactions. I easily get rashes, colds, infections, etc.. So this is nothing new to me..

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