Tuesday, May 10, 2011

irritable-bowel-syndrome-and-symptoms.com | IBS – Symptoms & Solutions – Where you can sort the wood from the Trees!

irritable-bowel-syndrome-and-symptoms.com | IBS – Symptoms & Solutions – Where you can sort the wood from the Trees!

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  1. As I'm sure everyone here already knows; Lupus is not an acquired disease, ie., you can't 'catch' Lupus. In fact, you don't really even develop Lupus and you certainly don't inherit it.

    Lupus is a disease that strikes once your immune system has been overloaded. It literally goes haywire and starts attacking perfectly healthy cells, tissue and organs.

    Doctors can tell us that much, even if they can not prescribe anything to cure this disease.

    But if we are smart, we will take that information and build upon it with more as we research this condition. And that's exactly what I have done.

    It only took a matter of months - and after I had read, consulted and researched I put all the information I had learned about Lupus here: http://tiny.cc/oqn9v

    It is very hard to accept, at first, that perhaps people like Bill Hiller and David Icke are right and our entire medical establishment is predicated on our getting sick.

    They posture these beliefs because we haven't cured anything since Polio in the 50's. This is because the major pharmaceutical companies realized that the money is not in the cure, the money is in selling us pills from the womb to the tomb.

    When you saw your doctor and he diagnosed you with Lupus, he immediately prescribed pills for your condition. It is very probable that he never mentioned natural alternatives to toxic, synthetic, pharmaceutical-made pills with their massive side effects including the risk of death.

    This is because in recent years, the pharmaceutical companies (while making $8 Million dollars every 6 hours) have subsidized our entire medical infrastructure, including colleges, universities and doctorate societies. They OWN the medical establishment in America and their only goal is to continue to make as much money as possible.

    Do not be deceived. Take your medications... but you can also look forward to the day when you can join us and never have to take another synthetic pill.

    Look into The Oxygen Therapy Program (or contact me directly from the website) and know that you do not have to live with Lupus for the rest of your life. You can be free.

    May God Bless and Keep You.