Thursday, May 12, 2011

I heard some very distrubing news today.

Some one I know died today from a routine knee surgery. Her name was Mia Amber Davis... Yes I said it... My Plus Size Diva Sisterpassed away on Tuesday May 11, 2011... She was such a beautiful women. She always help everyone in need... I first meet Mia at Plus Academy Workshop... Girlfriend came in wearing her spandex, big t-shirt and some 4"heels... Mia was a diva with a heart pure as gold and smooth as silk... Mia will be greatly missed in the Plus Size World.. She always told us to stay focused and follow our dreams.... Mia taught us how to walk the cat walk, walk the walk, how to stand up straight and strike a pose. She also tought us how to dress like ladies and to apply makup and to carry ourselves like beautiful young ladies.

Mia you will be greatly missed and I appreciate the time we had together and timewe spent at go see..

Just want to say RIP Diva Davis


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  1. Sorry to hear this..Rip to your friend..she was so beautiful