Thursday, May 19, 2011

YarnPlay... Love Knitting

Got this email.. I thought I should share it for my knitters and people who are home... Stay at home mothers, people with disablity, etc

YarnPlay Hanging Plant HoldersBula Nicole,
The flowers are in bloom and many of us are outdoors potting plants and gardening. 
To celebrate the arrival of spring, this month'sYarnPlay features beautiful knotted hanging plant holders (pattern includes directions for a large and small holder). Inspired by macrame and made in Nature's Choice Organic Cotton, it's a wonderful way to incorporate yarncrafting into your home decor. 
Designer Kimberly Hamlin shows you how to make these knotted plant holders with step-by-step photos. Since there's no knitting or crocheting required, it's a great project to do with friends and family members as a fun weekend project. Click the link above to see the pattern.
YarnPlay Plant Holder Close-UpNow that you've brought your yarncrafts outdoors, why not bring the garden inwith felted flowers? Click hereto see adorable flower kits in 6 varieties, all at a special price. 
Your friends,
The YarnPlayers
P.S. Now you know how to say "hello" in Fijian -- next month, learn a greeting in another language!
Photography: Emily Delamater
YarnCraftAnother great way to bring knitting and crocheting outdoors with you is listening to our audio-podcast,YarnCraft (we like to say that it's like "Car Talk" but for knitters and crocheters). Click here to listen to the latest episode [MP3] or click here to find us on iTunes. Learn more on the YarnCraft blog
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