Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Written by Melissa Bishop Wise

Melissa said I could use this note because this is how I feel also and maybe you do too..

Several people have asked me what THEY can do, to help, since I suffer with Lupus, Fibromyalgia and MANY other ailments. I could really never think of anything to say because I don't want to "impose" on anyone. I have recently decided that there really are things you can do, and it doesn't have to cost you a thing!!!

I hade to make a list of things that would really help ME, and maybe someone you know!!!
Write a note or personal letter
Send a card with a short message inside
Offer to cook, or take them to dinner
Offer to help clean up the house for them...nothing major!
Just a phone call Text message
Send a "care package"...doesn't need to cost a lot
Offer to just visit...It always helps to have someone that will LISTEN

These are just a few things, off the top of my head. Feel free to think of your own ways to let your friend, or loved one, know you care!!! Some days we just need to know that we haven't been forgotten!!!

My saying is: Nicole Lupus... My add on!!
Take my kids to the park for a hour or two or keep them over night if you can
Can you walk my dog
Pick me up a few things from the store, Healthy foods
And mainly don't judge my outside apperance... because I/WE don't look sick, doesn't mean WE aren't sick..We have Invisable Dieases..

Thanks for your time and comments and also thanks you so much Melissa!!

Nicole =)


  1. I really like this blog so much love put into your work. Thank you for being here Hugs Angela from Face Book. Hugs

  2. Great Blog also I never want to make anyone with an illness feel like there unable to do something so knowing things I can help do and not make you feel like your unable to live life the same way I do is great :) I Love You(Muah)

  3. Thanks Maruitia... Just know when i move down there and I need a break i'll be calling you up..LOL

    Love you baby girl xoxo

  4. gentle ((((((((((Melissa)))))))))) great sentiment. I know it is difficult to ask for help. Might I suggest the more time you spend with a person with any of these invisible diseases the better. You will put yourself in a position to read the signs recognise the weaknesses and step in to help, not take over, any help is always appreciated. empathy is the biggest gift one can give and it costs nothing. love to all. keep up the great job Melissa.

  5. My sister in law has Lupus and that's when I learned what Lupus was and how many people have it. Glad I found you on Twitter. Keep up the great job.


  6. Hey, I don't know much about lupus, but I have been asking my bff,nicole, and she has been educating me on lupus, as well as I have been doing research of my own. Just want to stay ahead for my pookie ( nicole ) I love her so much. Melissa

  7. Great blog, excellent way to express yourself. I will def take your needs into consideration. Miss and Love you sis
    Laticha aka Tasha aka TTT ;-P